Teambuilding: advantages of escaping with your group

5 advantages of escaping as a team in an Escape Game:

Playing an Escape Room is an experience where each game is a new challenge for your mind, a new adventure and, above all, a challenge with a new team: each time you enter an Escape Room, you take on a different role, depending on the companions with whom you embark on these adventures. Therefore, the composition of the group of people you are locked in with is important, especially if it is the team you are working with.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many companies use this activity as an innovative method of teamwork and rely on this type of event to test the competención and coordination of their employees and their ability to unite and manage to escape together as a unit and successfully in this battle against time.

Advantages of an Escape Room for teamwork

- Improve relationships with your co-workers outside the office

- Introduce new employees

- Reduce tension in the workplace

- Have a good time with your colleagues


- Know when to lead and when to listen

- Try not to stand out

- Recognise the true personality of the people you work with

- Regain trust

- Have fun!


- Do not ridicule your colleagues

- Avoid outshining others

- Avoid wasting time, focus on the game

- Break tensions

- Show your strengths

  1. Strengthen relationships

During the game, different roles in the team are developed and different approaches are seen, from which interesting conclusions can be drawn that might even help once back at work when there are group projects to do. Thanks to this kind of activity, you can see each person's behavioural styles and strengths that often don't come out in everyday life. Besides, such an experience gives a lot to talk about. So after playing, it's a great time to review the puzzles over dinner or drinks and laugh together about the crazy things they tried. The good thing is that you have a shared anecdote to bond over and strengthen your future work.

  1. New additions to the team

Close teamwork is very good for breaking the ice and forming new work groups or for integrating new team members, as they have the opportunity to get to know their future colleagues in a playful way and in a very short time. This also strengthens the complicity between the team members and the leader. The leaders are able to command the team and everyone ends up satisfied and proud of their work.

  1. A challenge to be solved together, a reflection of working life.

We all know the office challenges we face every day: different views on an issue, different behaviours and lack of time due to deadlines and regulations. This plays a key role in workplaces and decision-making in a department. Escape rooms reflect exactly these kinds of conditions: a task that has to be solved within a certain time frame and in compliance with certain requirements. Decisions have to be made as a team, because the tasks in the game room cannot be solved by a single person, but the group has to join forces and cooperate to be successful.

  1. Moderate stress and anxiety at work.

Shared activities outside the office also help to reduce tension and share responsibilities and have people to lean on in good and bad times even in the work environment.

  1. Fun for all

Of course, all the benefits that these types of activities bring to work are important, but.... let's not forget the fun! Having a good time with your colleagues fosters friendship between them and this helps to see the potential and best talents of the people we work with.

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