Secret Tips: became an Escape Room Expert

Definitive guide to escaping from an Escape Room

Not all groups playing an Escape Room manage to escape on time. There are many who fall by the wayside in our Escape Room. There are many factors that influence passing the test: the constellation of the team you play with, how awake you feel that day or how much experience you have in this kind of logic games, either live, board games or online games. Yes yes, there are many people who "practice" every week, who have played over 100 rooms or are addicted to every new game that comes out.

But luckily for you, you don't have to go to those extremes. If you want to belong to the percentage of people who do manage to get out of an escape room in less than 60 minutes, just follow these 5 secret escape tips:


Follow our ultimate Escape Room tips to ensure your success:

1- Search and collect

At the beginning of an Escape Game, every player wants to touch and open everything first. Then, when you find items that might be helpful down the line, it's best to organise them so that everyone on your team has access to them. Find items that go together and put aside those that you have already used to solve puzzles.

Maps Riddle

2- Communicate with your team

Escape games are completed or not depending on how quickly the players who have found items can match them. These include, for example, a key and a lock, a code and a key, or a pattern that appears in different places. And remember, teamwork is one of the most important aspects of an escape room.

Teamwork Game

3- Pay attention to the details

Be extremely thorough when examining and touching everything as if you were scanning the room. Sometimes key objects are in the most unimaginable places, sometimes right under your nose.

Unfortunately, multitasking often doesn't work in the Escape Room. If you have a puzzle in front of you that requires your full concentration, then give it the attention it deserves.

Search for clues

4- Don't be afraid of failure

Escape games work best when you try everything. If your teammate has a plausible but crazy idea, listen to him and just try it out together! The world is often turned upside down here, so it may possibly bring you closer to the solution. Don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself, anything is possible! In any case, it will be fun!

Couple pointing in map

5- Don't waste time

Every Live Escape Room is a race against time: 60 minutes in the room seems like a lot of time, but it can be deceiving. Don't waste time on objects that don't make significant sense in the game. Follow the clues and hints and try to find a direct path to the solution to escape as quickly as possible!

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These are our personal recommendations for you to become a great Escape Room outbreaker. Since I started playing, I've been learning the logic and form of these entertaining games and I'm sure that through practice you will also find many tips that can help future readers of this Blog, so I encourage you to leave me in the comments what are your favourite tricks to achieve success!

Want to test your skills? Try the hard mode in our Wanted Escape Room, this room has two difficulty levels!

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